• marketliga Semua LSM internasional, termasuk badan amal Inggris Judi Parlay

    Semua LSM internasional, termasuk badan amal Inggris Judi Parlay , International Alert and Plan International, telah diberitahu bahwa mereka dapat "mendaftar ulang" untuk pendaftaran di Pakistan dalam waktu enam bulan. But their prospects do not look good, given they have not been told the reasons for their Situs Judi – and therefore what they must rectify. They, like the Western governments that have been lobbying on their behalf for years without success, are left second-guessing the true reason they have been kicked out.Watch morePakistan to expel 18 foreign charities in aid crackdown

    Many reports have linked Pakistan’s hostility towards foreign charities with the 2011 US Judi Bola Parlay operation that ended in the death of Osama bin Laden. Then, a fake vaccination programme run by the CIA was used to pinpoint the hideout of the 9/11 mastermind.

    Few would dispute that this set back genuine vaccination programmes years if not decades – Pakistan remains one of only two countries in the world where polio is endemic – and contributed to a sense of distrust towards INGOs.

    But “this all long started before [Bin Laden]”, said a senior official at the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum, an umbrella organisation of which most of the 18 organisations were members, who asked not to be named due to the sensitive nature of the subject.

    “The strand had already developed where Situs Judi Bola  are seen as foreign agents,” the official said. “It was led by [state-friendly] media, and anyone who questioned it was targeted with very broad criticism.”

    Few people will actually be leaving Pakistan as a result of the crackdown on international charities. That’s because even before it began the new NGO registration process, the state had been denying visas to foreign workers. Both ActionAid and Plan International confirmed their teams in the country already consisted of Pakistani nationals.Nonetheless, the public image of INGOs as malevolent agents of foreign powers has persisted: the media narrative seems to have worked.Forgotten Women: The sisters fighting for human rights in PakistanShow all 5On the streets of Islamabad, people generally seemed to support a move away from reliance on INGOs. Naeem Awan, a shopkeeper, said foreign charities were “involved in destabilising Pakistan, they are destroying Pakistan’s culture and society”.Raja Moshin, a government employee, said he believed Pakistan “doesn’t need INGOs’ services”.

    “These INGOs are involved in implementing a Western agenda in Pakistan, [as well as] in the spread of nudity and vulgarity.”It is a perception that many believe has been fuelled by Pakistan’s powerful military establishment, which backed the former cricketer Imran Khan in his successful bid to become prime minister and maintains an effective apparatus for quelling dissenting voices in civil society.

    Independent journalists might criticise a Bandar Bola decision once, but they won’t push it too far, and domestic NGOs are tightly controlled.Foreign charities operating in Pakistan were the last piece in the puzzle – frequently speaking out about what they were seeing on the ground.

    Read more hinese consulate in Pakistan attacked by gunmenPakistan summons US envoy over Trump’s Osama bin Laden commentsClamour grows for Asia Bibi to be granted asylumPakistan denies Christian woman Asia Bibi has left countryPakistan’s Imran Khan flies into political storm in Saudi Arabia“The decision by the government of Pakistan to close down these charities is a huge disappointment,” one western diplomat told The Independent. “Sadly it comes as no surprise and is the latest step in several years of disruption of charities, journalists and social activists.


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